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Many of us take our ability to communicate for granted, but the ability to speak, hear, and be heard is much more vital to our everyday lives than most of us realize. For those who have difficulty communicating, everyday interactions can pose significant challenges. A communication disorder may prevent an individual from performing well at work, asking for help, hearing instructions at school, or even saying ‘I love you.’

Each year, Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists dedicate the month of May to raising public awareness about communication health. We work to highlight the importance of early detection and intervention in the treatment of communication disorders, and the role we play in helping people to “Speak well. Hear well. Live well.”

Early Identification and Intervention is Key

One in six people in Canada has a communication disorder. Communication disorders include speech, language, hearing, auditory, swallowing, and balance disorders. They are treated by speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and communication health assistants, known collectively as communication health professionals.

Communication disorders can have a significant impact on our physical, emotional, social, vocational, and financial well-being, which is why it’s important to identify problems early on. No matter how old you are, the earlier a disorder is identified, the better your chances are for improvement or even recovery.

What Do Communication Health Professionals Do?

Speech-language pathologists and audiologists work with people of all ages to identify, assess, and treat a wide range of communication disorders. Speech-language pathologists help to manage speech, language, voice, swallowing, and feeding disorders, and audiologists work with individuals with hearing loss, auditory processing disorders, tinnitus, and other auditory disorders, as well as balance disorders.

Speech-language pathology services are provided in Saskatchewan publically through the Health and Education sectors. For information on publically-available services, contact your local Health Office or School. Private services are available for individuals who wish begin services sooner than what may be available through the public sector or who choose to supplement public services with additional support. Beyond Words Speech-Language Consultants is a team of four Registered Speech-Language Pathologists providing services in Regina and also to rural Southern Saskatchewan. With our team’s diverse clinical background and experiences, we are able to serve individuals of all ages and many communication needs. Please visit our page for more information about our services and contact us to learn more about how we can help you reach your full communication potential! Also, please check out our Events Calendar, as we have several FREE community events offered to celebrate Better Speech & Hearing Month!!

Speech-language & Audiology Canada (SAC), 2016

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