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    Target Ages: 8 +


Sign up at any time of the year for the Conservatory of Performing Arts Pipe Band! The band teaches bagpipes and drums to youth ages 8 and up in a fun, friendly environment. Learn more and sign up online by clicking here.

FREE SUMMER CAMP! Each year at Sound Advice we offer a program for children who would like to try pipes and/or drums. Visit the above EVENTS tab for details or click here.

We are a youth-oriented music group that performs in the community, competes at Highland Games, and offers exceptional instruction for children and youth for learning bagpipes and drums. This program is part of the University of Regina's Conservatory of Performing Arts, and we also offer certification through The National Piping Centre in Glasgow, Scotland.


You don’t have to be Scottish to play the pipes! Many people join because they just love the music! You’ve heard all the bagpipe jokes, but have you thought about why you always see pipers at weddings and funerals, or why there are always pipes at important banquets, state occasions, and at memorials?

Canadians have sacrificed their lives on many international battlefields, and even today, fallen Canadian soldiers are honoured with a ceremony that always includes the bagpipes. Bagpipes are part of the "Hockey Night in Canada" theme song, and nearly every official Canadian function features pipe music as part of the ceremony.

This is because bagpipes—and the music they make—touch people emotionally. It’s important music for all of us, and if you do have some Scottish blood, then it’s also part of a proud cultural tradition stretching back 500 years!


The Conservatory offers a complete youth Pipe and Drum program, in association with City of Regina Pipe Band. This program teaches students how to play the pipes or drums, and it gives them the opportunity to perform at many community events, as well as to compete in solo and band competitions at Highland Games across Canada.

Playing with a pipe band teaches children music, and it also is all about friendship, team skills, group learning, travel and cultural experience. Visit here for more information.


> How old does my child have to be to play pipes and drums?

Ages 8 - 12 are recommended, however, if you have a child outside that range and are interested, we encourage you to come check it out.

> Do I have to purchase instruments?

Students will need a practice chanter and book, or drumsticks and pad. The band has specific recommendations for these based on the student, and materials are available through the band.

> When are practices?

Wednesday nights, 7:00 - 9:00pm, and beginners are 7:00 - 8:00pm.

> Is previous music experience required?

No, previous experience is not required.

> When is registration?

Students are accepted throughout the year from September to April.

> Are there any classes in the summer?

Yes, we encourage students to attend the summer piping school. MORE INFORMATION>>> 2018 dates are July 1-6. Check back for details! Sign-up for the OSKS e-news and you won't miss out.

> At what events does the band play?

Visit here to see the schedule of events.

> Can we get a piper or the pipe band to play at our event?

The Conservatory Pipe Band or individual pipers will perform at events in the community. We often volunteer our services, and we also provide the band or pipers for a fee, depending on the occasion. Send us an email ( or call (306-533-6678) to start the conversation.

Please visit our website for complete details on the Pipe and Drum Program, and feel free to call or email with any questions or for more information.

Want to learn more? Visit the Conservatory of Performing Arts Pipe Band website.



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