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Our Vision at LP3 Transportation Solutions - We see people united in purpose, discovering the value of promise lived, and fuelling passion for fullness in life.

LP3 hires people that want to be part of a team where all stand together as ONE - accountable TO and FOR each other - as partners in each other’s success.

Are you looking for a career that works for your family? There are so many reasons why LP3 Transportation Solutions is the right choice:

  • Children (6 months and older) can ride the bus with Mom, Dad or Grandparents – no daycare fees
  • We will install the car seat provided by parents/guardians on the bus for your children to ride in until they are big enough to sit in the bus seat
  • Children’s play area complete with toys in our spacious driver’s lounge
  • Work for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon – works around most napping schedules
  • VP of Operations hosts “Flapjack Friday” on the last Friday of every month – children of drivers are always welcome
  • Free classroom and “on the bus” training provided
  • Eight-person leadership team to provide support and guidance for all aspects of transporting students
  • You will have the same days off as your children (who attend a Regina Catholic School)
  • Employee and leadership organized events for adults and children
  • Opportunities to earn extra income when charter trips and kindergarten runs are available


Promise delivered means… the opportunity to be valued and compensated for what they do everyday as a vital part of community – being trained and supported in confident and consistent action, and a greater discovery of their human potential.

If this sounds like the job for you, or you would like to have a conversation, click here to contact us, or please call us at 306-993-6207

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