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    Hours: Mon-Thurs: 9am to 8pm; Fri: 9am-6pm; Sat: 9am-1pm

    Target Ages: 3 to Adult

With exams on the horizon for high schoolers, teens will need to hit the books! But what study method works best: alone or in a group? Click here to find out!

SATURDAY MORNINGS - we are open! Check out the READ Elite program for students ages 4- 6.


Just one to two hours a week can make a world of difference in developing the right skills and habits to succeed in school, no matter what the subject or the grade level. Did you know we are open all day for visits or assessments on the school days off?

We register anytime for ages 3-6, and school age Grades 1-12. As well, we have a complete French Development Program for all ages, including reading, writing, and speaking french. If you struggle to help your child who is registered in an immersion program, we can help.

Keep checking back as we also offer a variety of programs throughout the year on PD Days, and in the summer.

Way Beyond Tutoring®, Teaching Children How to Learn

Learning is a learned skill! At Oxford Learning we teach children how to mentally organize new information so that it makes sense. This is the critical first step toward good grades. Oxford Learning is different because Oxford is the only supplemental educator focused on helping children develop cognitive skills while teaching academic skills. With our programs, your child becomes an independent learner, better equipped to take in and retain new information on his or her own.

Better Grades, Greater Confidence, Oxford Learning®

Working in small groups under the personal direction of a highly qualified instructor, Oxford Learning students develop cognitive learning techniques and study skills that help them perform better in daily schoolwork and on tests. The result is a confident, capable student, better equipped to learn any subject matter, in any environment, now and in the future.


Little Readers® for children ages 3 through 6 Daytime classes

Young children WANT to learn. They want to know more and be more independent. Most of all, they want to be like you. Little Readers® makes the most of this critical time when children are most receptive to learning. So why choose a reading preschool program? Because we recognize that reading is the one skill that every child needs to become a successful student.

  • Mornings or Afternoons - classes are 2.5 hours per session
  • Times available: Monday to Friday mornings 9:15am to 11:45am OR afternoons 1:00pm - 3:30pm
  • For children ages 3 to 6, including students in kindergarten
  • All new Little Readers complete an assessment prior to their first class.
  • Little Readers start school knowing the alphabet sounds, quantities of numbers , as well as how to focus, communicate, and listen in the school environment.

Children can start in our preschool anytime during the year. Students work on individualized programs in a structured environment. Students need to be potty trained. Parents will be looking for an academic preschool experience. Click here to learn more.

R.E.A.D. (Reading Excellence and Academic Development) Elite for ages 4 to 6

For parents who work during the day and still want to enroll their preschooler in an academic preparation program, check out our R.E.A.D. Elite Program! Unlike play-based early learning programs in most preschools and kindergartens, R.E.A.D. Elite focuses on academics, with a single goal of helping our young students become better readers BEFORE they start Grade One. Research shows that early literacy skills are strong predictors of future academic success; kids who learn to read at a young age are better students for life. Click here for more information.

  • Evenings (5-6) and Saturday mornings (9-11AM and 11AM-1PM)
  • Students attend one hour twice a week
  • Testing is completed for each child who registers in the READ Elite program to ensure the child is working on the correct program.

Beyond TutoringTM for students in Grade 1 through 8

With kids, it’s all about motivation. That’s why our unique approach to tutoring works so well. We give students the tools, the power, and the confidence to be in charge of their own learning. Homework battles, excuses, procrastination – they can be a thing of the past. Our students learn how to learn. They discover their own path to truly understanding and knowing. Visit here for more information.

  • Study and organization skills are included in every program
  • Reading, writing, math and study skills
  • Homework support
  • All students entering Oxford programs for grades 1- 12 are required to take our Dynamic Cognitive and Academic assessment.
  • Qualified instructors for all levels
  • Specialized approach to tutoring children with ADD and ADHD

En français™ Program for all ages and levels.

Oxford Learning is the only supplementary educator offering a complete French language program. The Oxford French program is a perfect supplement for French students of all levels whether French First Language, Immersion, Core or Extended. Our En français™ program is designed to enrich your child’s French learning experience by teaching the child, en français. Along with homework and subject-specific assistance, we provide a support system where children learn to think and express themselves fluently in the French language.
Dynamic Cognitive and Academic Assessment required for enrollment. Click here for details.

  • Homework support
  • Various times available
  • Students learn to think in French

Advantage High School SuccessTM for students in Grades 9 through 12

The Advantage High School Success™ program teaches students how to get focused and organized, stay motivated, and make the grades. Our unique approach to tutoring shows teens how to get ahead and stay ahead. No more late assignments. No more cramming for exams. No more homework wars.

  • All programs include study and organization skills
  • Dynamic Diagnostic assessment required
  • Various times available
  • Subject support in English, math, physical science, chemistry, physics, and social
  • Exam preparation skills

GPA 5.0 SAT/ACT Programs for students going to international universities.

Oxford Learning’s proprietary SAT/ACT programs use our integrated and comprehensive approach to studying to prepare students and get them the highest scores possible on the SAT/ACT test.

One-on-One Individualized Test Prep:

  • one-on-one tutoring
  • custom-created workbook and study guide
  • one to three proctored tests with full computer analyses to pinpoint areas that need strengthening.
  • 10 minute timed test practice each class
  • SAT or ACT study book for practice at home

College Prep Program

Our college readiness program teaches students, who plan to attend university, long-lasting thinking and learning skills that they can rely on for their entire academic career! College readiness is about more than getting accepted—it’s about beating the first year stumbling blocks and seeing success on every paper and every exam. To do that, students need solid thinking, learning, studying, and test-taking skills.

  • Time management
  • Planning
  • Goal setting
  • Study skills


Oxford Learning offers a variety of programs during the summer. Visit the above 'downloads' tab to view the previous year brochure, however, please note that programs may change from year to year.

Want to learn more? Visit the Oxford Learning Centre website.



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