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    Target Ages: 4 - and up

The Regina Speed Skating Club (RSSC) is the home of speed skating in Regina. We welcome new and current members! While most new skaters join us in the fall, you are welcome at any time just let us know you are interested and we will help you.

Speed skating is a sport open to girls, boys, men and women from age four and up. This is a wonderful life-long sport. Some ability on skates is an asset ingetting started but regular practice and enthusiasm will quickly result in improved skills for both recreational skating and racing. Our goal is to ensure skaters have a GREAT experience regardless of the age they begin to speed skate! We usually ask that skaters are able to stand on skates and have a bit of balance. No previous skating experience is necessary.

The Regina Speed Skating Club meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Staples Area for Short Track practices in the fall and moves to our Long Track Oval at Mount Pleasant Park as soon as the weather is cold enough for us to make the ice safe for the skaters, usually in early January. Our older skaters also practice at least one other day per week as well to help further hone their skills and improve their endurance.

2018-2019 - Register any time! Season runs October to March. Click here for details and online registration.

PROGRAMS (competitive and non-competitive)


Active Start (5 years & younger as of June 30) - Active Start participants are of pre-school age and this is the stage where children are learning to move. Children in this stage should learn how to run, jump, throw, catch, kick, float, glide & slide. Most of these skills can be parent led. In this stage, structured Learn to Skate programs are a great way to learn basic skating skills.

Fundamentals (Males age 6-9 and Females 6-8 as of June 30). During the FUNdamentals stage, children move more efficiently, acquire fundamental movement skills and work on their ABCs of Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed all in a safe environment. The speed skating program will focus on teaching fundamentals of skating and introducing speed skating specific skills.

Road Runners skate on Tuesday & Thursday, hitting the ice at 7:00pm sharp!


Learn to Train (L2T) includes Males 10-12 and Females as of June 30th - The Learn to Train is the most important stage for the development of specific technical skills. This is the stage where participants begin to more actively engage in competitions.

Train to Train (T2T), which includes Males 13 and older and Females 12 and older as of June 30th - The Train to Train is the stage of development where athletes are growing stronger and faster. A positive experience, high quality, developmentally appropriate programming and careful monitoring during this stage of development will provide a solid foundation necessary upon which athletes can remain active for life and remain competitive in their sport.

Cheetahs practice 3 times per week: Tuesday/Thursday and Sunday during the short track season. During the long track season, Sunday's shift to Mondays to ensure sufficient ice maintenance time.

Cheetahs also have additional off-ice training, sometimes lead by their Coaches and sometimes as "homework" to do on their own.


RSSC Coaches determine which skaters practice as part of the Road Runners or as part of the Cheetahs. Cheetahs are generally the Club's older skaters, but the coaches also consider a skater's speed, technical ability, endurance, as well as overall behaviour and attentiveness in determining the correct practice group. Cheetahs are expected to have progressed significantly in all of these key areas to ensure the safety and development of all Cheetah skaters.


> Sign up for a Club Membership (one per skating family is all you need)

> Log in (you will be sent an email with log in credentials after completing Step #1)

> Step #3 - Register your skater(s)

To help family budgets, we provide a discounted fee structure (after the eldest child) for families with multiple skaters.

Click here to see the registration page.


Club Rental Program

You can rent boots/blades from the club for the season. The rental includes Boot and Blade. A prorated rate will be determined if the skater joins part way thru the year. Click here for details.

Mandatory Equipment

HELMETS AND GLOVES - Helmets and gloves must be worn at all times by skaters in the Learn-to-Skate Program and by all skaters for short track (indoors) training and competitions.

We have skaters of all ages and abilities, don't be shy - give speed skating a try! Feel free to contact us with any questions. You can also check out our social media channels:


Want to learn more? Visit the Regina Speed Skating Club website.



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